Sustainable Solutions

JHJ are very passionate about building environmentally sustainable homes for the future…we always use the latest products and developments to stay at the top of our game. All our builds use Icynene spray foam insulation to give high levels of air tightness and efficiency. We know from experience that eliminating convective heat loss (draughts!) will cut your heating bills dramatically and used in conjunction with MVHR working alongside AirchangeLtd we can make sure the build can achieve passive house levels of air tightness with a mid build air tightness test. This in itself means your heating system will be running at maximum efficiency whether it’s a heat pump, biomass, solar or oil fuelled…we can advise and discuss the best option to suit your needs.

Air Tightness

On all new build projects we carry out an airtightness test to find any leakages. We always strive to get the house as airtight as possible but sometimes design and structural elements limit what we can do, thats why we like to get involved during the design stage so we can advise and work with the client/architect/engineer to get the best result. Most new builds we undertake will be below 1 ACH (Air Changes per Hour) and some have been as low as 0.2 ACH the lower the air test the less draughts meaning lower heating bills.

Icynene Insulation

Our insulation team insulating with Icynene spray foam…Icynene is a water blown product and contains no harmful blowing agents such as HFCs, HCFCs or HFAs making it more environmentally friendly than other building insulations. Icynene expands 100x its applied volume so gets into every neuk and cranny…even in the most complex design. Look at our JHJ Insulations page for more info.

Zender MVHR

The Zehnder MVHR systems we install in partnership with AirchangeLtd are 91% efficient Рall projects are designed to suit each individual property. From the unit we use 160/200 galv steel safe seal ducting to manifolds incorporating the latest silencing, 90/78mm anti bacterial coating and anti static, semi rigid ducting is used throughout the building to all ceiling valves as per design. Typically MVHR will save you 30% on your heating costs while providing a healthier environment and increasing the life of a building.

sustainable Heating

Heat pumps are a major component of all building projects nowadays…there are so many on the market it’s hard to know who to turn to…JHJ have been installing Mitsubishi/ NIBE/Daikin heat pumps for a few years now in a number of our builds, meaning we have experience of what works best for which application. We can carry out heat loss calculations and surveys to make sure the whole package works and we can also incorporate solar PV/Thermal panels and battery storage with various clever control systems to suit your needs.

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